Music has, alongside photography, been one of the major passions in my life since I was handed a classical guitar for my 13th birthday by my Dad. Unfortunately my teacher didn’t think much of my abilities and left me to figure it all out on my own. I spent hours and hours locked in my room with an acoustic guitar learning the intricate rags of Scott Joplin before my first electric guitar arrived. The acoustic took a back seat as I strived emulate my heroes from the Prog Rock era of the 80’s – so much great music around then – Genesis, Focus, Yes, Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton etc. Somewhat surprisingly my first band was a country band which wasn’t really what I had planned! Although I had designs on becoming a professional musician things never really panned out, and my music career faded into the background. You’ll usually catch me with a guitar of some description in my hands when I’m not taking photos -I particularly love to play ragtime and fingerstyle on my first love, the acoustic guitar.  I love photographing any type of live music, and with my background as a musician I have a good sense of where to point my lens to best capture the onstage action.